Ron Ravenscroft, with an extensive background and training as a classical musician, has privately studied conducting, composition, and classic guitar with masters; Herbert von Karajan, Carlo Maria Giulini, Kazimierz Kord, Olivier Messiaen, Anita Painter, Andres Segovia, and Vicente Gomez.

In addition to conducting the standard repertory, Maestro Ravenscroft has written large-scale compositions based upon the compositional techniques of the world-recognized Classical Masters, providing a transcendent musical experience to audiences worldwide.

Maestro Kazimierz Kord, Music Director of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra has written; “In observing Ron Ravenscroft’s artistic activities, I can state with complete satisfaction that he has an uncommon individuality as a creator as well as a great aesthetic sensibility along with the highest, most remarkable talent for music. As a composer, as well as conductor, Ron Ravenscroft demonstrates a great perseverance and a fresh originality, with a diligent creative commitment.”

Magnum Opera
  • Concerto for Violin and Orchestra [duration: 30 minutes]
  • Guitar Concerto [duration: 15 minutes] – to Christopher Parkening
  • The Heart of Ga (full-length opera on the short story, What Men Live By, by Leo Tolstoy, in English language with libretto adapted by David Burton) [duration: 2 hours]
  • Missa Solemnis Pro Pace (Solemn Mass for Peace in Latin language) [duration: 30 minutes]
  • The Revelation (full-length oratorio on The Revelation of St. John, in English language with libretto adapted by Sir Colin Graham) [duration: 2 hours]
  • Getsemane – Concerto for Solo Violoncello and Orchestra [duration: 21 minutes]
  • Requiem Æternam (Requiem Mass in Latin language) [work in progress]

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Nov 8-2008 Moravian Falls, NC   Click here to visit recorded event (opens in new window)

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Dear Friends,
In response to questions about Ron. Ron was not at all sick. He exercised and ate well. He practiced and studied music like crazy. He spent lots of time praying and meditating on God's Word. He was preparing to go on tour in Lithuania with Gintas Abarius, his beloved friend and amazing pianist.

Ron played a jazz/blues benefit concert on his electric guitar that night before he went to be with the Lord, to raise funds for a cancer patient. His band consisted of Gintas Abarius on piano, Robert Nance, bass, Al Sergel, drums, and Ron on electric guitar. It was the band of his dreams! He mentioned that he felt that night he was 'under a huge spiritual attack' for doing that concert. We knew this concert was significant in the spiritual realm. Ron had prayed to ask the Lord the right date to have the concert. Ron was told to do the concert on November 1, or 11-1. I was amazed when Ron told me this date because for 2 years the Lord had shown me the numbers '111'. The Lord had spoken to me in response to my questioning what does 111 mean?... His response to me was 'In the fullness of time... 111'. Now, here it was November 1,( 11-1) and it hit me! There is something very meaningful going to happen because of this concert on this date! Also the Lord had told us this summer that Hebrews 11:1 also had everything to do with '111'. Now, as I ponder these things it is beginning to make more sense.

The night of the concert, after the first band played, Ron said he felt like he was being twisted and choked on the inside. He asked us to pray for him His band was the next band to perform. He did not want anything to get in the way of doing what God had put on his heart to do. We gathered around him and prayed for strength and the ability to do what he had set out to accomplish in this concert. He played an amazing concert and the painful symptoms subsided, but he felt really tired and sore. He shared with Christian and I on the drive home how God had given him the strength to play. Ron had been so happy as he played with his favorite band members of all time! He played amazingly, especially considering he was in pain. The 3rd band to play said the stage was vibrating from the incredible energy and presence of God that was released through the love and music Ron and his band played. They said it was a tough act to follow and instead of playing the set they had planned, they were so moved by the presence of God all they wanted to play was worship songs. When Ron shared the difficulty he had felt while playing, it touched Christian to realize that God had given his dad the strength to accomplish his dad's hearts desire to play a really awesome concert for the glory of God and the good of another person in need.

After the concert, Ron just had a bit of difficulty breathing that night at bedtime. I offered 3 times that night to take him to a hospital to get checked, but he insisted he did not want to do any such thing. He just wanted to rest and sit together, look at the stars, which were amazing that night. We read a whole bunch of scripture verses from the Psalms and Proverbs on 'the heart' out of a journal we had on our nightstand. We drank some herbal tea. A huge deer came to visit us on the front lawn at about 4 am. Ron insisted I finally go get some sleep in the other room because we had a house full of guests from the concert who would need to be fed the next morning. As I stood at the bedroom door at 4am, looking at Ron, I prayed 'Lord, should I leave him and go to sleep?' His answer was 'Do you trust me?' "Yes Lord, I trust You." Then He said, 'Then place him on the Father's lap and leave him in the care of the Father. Go rest. This is how you show Me you trust Me. Go to sleep now and rest'. So, in an act of trust and obedience I went to sleep in the other room.

Ron must have gotten up sometime after I was sound asleep and gone down to his studio. He had sent a sweet email at 6:45am to a person who had worked on his guitar amps who had had a misunderstanding with Ron. Ron wanted to make sure he was alright, so he sent off an email of reconciliation that morning. I was awakened at 9 am by the Lord and encouraged to 'go see Ron'. He was not in his bed, he was not in the living room where he did his morning reading and meditation of the Word. I went out to his studio and there he was sitting in his leather prayer chair. He was reclined, wearing a black t-shirt with a logo that said 'Old Glory' with a picture of an electric guitar with eagles wings on it (he had never worn this t- shirt before)...he was smiling and his eyes were closed. I thought he was sweetly sleeping. Then I heard the Lord's calm voice say to me 'there is no breath in him'.

I believe Ron just sat in the chair to rest, closed his eyes, saw his beloved Jesus 'Face to face', which was his hearts deepest desire. This was around 7am, November 2.

We thank you for all your precious prayers. The prayers of the saints and the very Goodness and Grace of the Lord sustain us at this time!

Love , Shari!


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Mr. Ron Pate President, AEON Artists +1.214.448.1472

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photo credit: Robert Millard